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You Are Why We Are Here

Sat, Dec 15, 2018

Application Process

If you have a desire to make a difference:

  • Be at least 18 Years of Age
  • Successfully complete a Background Check
  • Take and successfully pass a Drug Screen
Then you can:
  • Receive a Physical ( Free )
  • Take classes ( Free )
  • Free HEP B Vaccine and TB Screening
After That:
  • Respond to calls


The City of Palatka operates the only full-time fire department within Putnam County. The Crescent City Fire Department has paid staff Monday through Friday from 8 A. M. 5 P. M. All other municipalities and residents of unincorporated Putnam County are served by 18 volunteer fire departments. Two-full time staff of Emergency Services support the administrative, training and safety/environmental health needs of the departments. This is no easy task as nearly 421 men and women in Putnam County participate on one of the counties fire departments.

Fire Prevention


The Fire division of Emergency Services is tasked with protecting the public from fire disasters through public education, code enforcement, and fire prevention and investigations. In natural disaster situations the Fire Prevention Division works in support of Emergency Management and fire personnel. There are many ways to protect your family, home, and business from fire before, during and after disasters strike in all home construction.Take care when burning candles. Never leave candles burning overnight or when you leave home. Be sure candles are placed in sturdy, non-combustible holders and are kept well away from decorations and other combustible material.

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Volunteer Benefits

  • Free Training
  • Incentive Program ( stipend paid per call)
  • Worker’s Comp supplement by VFIS
  • Statutory Death Benefits
  • Internet access and internet continuing education pro-grams at stations
  • Providing a valuable community service
  • Pride in the community
  • Learn life saving skills
  • Make a Life Time of Friendships and Memories
  • Education toward a career
  • Become a part of the team of local heroes

Become A Local Hero!!Become A Volunteer Firefighter At Putnam County

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Volunteer Fire Application Form Employment Eligibility Verification Direct Deposit Agreement Form W-4 (2016)

Why post 911 Addressing

When lives and property are at stake, every second counts. Properly posted address numbers can be a vital link to your safety. A missing, incorrect or poorly marked address can delay emergency response when seconds can literally mean the difference between life and death. In the interest of public safety, Putnam County has passed a Uniform Addressing Ordinance, number 2006- 17. This ordinance requires that all homes and businesses display a visible correct street address. Address must be affixed to the front of the building or to a separate structure such as a post, wall or fence, so they are clearly visible from the roadway.